Emerald Ice, a docufantasy about Diane Wakoski

In a few months there will be a short film about me, Diane Wakoski, that draws only on my poetry. I am so happy about this project and impressed with the skill and imagination of the young filmmaker, Jesseca Simmons.

Jesseca Simmons, a candidate for the MFA in Documentary Film at Northwestern, will receive her degree this spring (2016), with this experimental film, “Emerald Ice,” as her thesis. She is making imagistic and imaginative narrative about a person, which she calls Docufantasy. Her film, “Emerald Ice,” uses my poetry, the poetry of Diane Wakoski, as my story, my document. It is my voice reading the poetry in the film. The half hour film is not yet complete, but will be available by 2017. This is a “teaser” (shorter even than a trailer) to whet your appetite for the film and to give you some idea of how Docufantasy works.

I will continue to post Jesseca’s progress on this project on this site.

Teaser for Emerald Ice, a docufantasy about Diane Wakoski from Jesseca Simmons on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Emerald Ice, a docufantasy about Diane Wakoski

  1. Marijane Arredondo says:

    I love, love, love this! Can’t wait to see all of it.

  2. david zaiss says:

    Ah, the mystery of the unfinished thought. The phrase with a come hither. You still write like you’re on an adventure, a tour of your drawerful of scarves, a tour de force before you begin, “Entity is never just one thing.”

  3. Matt Kolb says:

    I am dying to see this!

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