Diane Wakoski is a celebrated poet with numerous book publications. Her most recent book is The Diamond Dog published by Anhinga Press. She is a Michigan State University Distinguished University Professor and she serves as Poet-in-Residence to the MSU English Department.

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  1. Jonathan Blunk says:

    Dear Ms. Wakoski: I am writing the authorized biography of James Wright and would like to make contact with you for a possible interview, and invite you to share your recollections of the poet. I have all but completed my research, but in drafting a chapter recently in which your correspondence with Wright appears, I realized that your first-hand recollections might lend insight into your friendship. Please contact me when you have an opportunity. We could arrange to speak by phone, or if you are in the New York City region in the coming months, I would be pleased to record an interview with you and have the chance to meet. I hope your writing is thriving, and I wish you all the best. Jonathan Blunk

  2. Will Duchon says:

    Dear Ms. Wakoski,
    I am writing to ask your permission to recite your poem “Thanking My Mother for Piano Lessons” on my radio program “Words & Music” on WMNR Fine Arts Radio (www.wmnr.org) My program features five selected poems, each followed by a piece of “reflective music”. Here is the blog for the program: http://www.wmnrwordsandmusic.blogspot.com
    Thank you for your consideration, and for your artistry.

    Will Duchon
    WMNR Fine Arts Radio
    P.S. If you are so inclined, perhaps you would share a few words about the poem with me?

  3. Miriam says:

    Estimada Diane, le escribo desde Argentina. Hace un tiempo atrás publiqué un par de sus poemas en mi blog traducidos al español pero no puedo encontrar las versiones originales en inglés. Me siento frustrada. Sería usted tan amable de guiarme dónde puedo conseguirlas?
    Los poemas son “Historia” y “El mecánico”.
    Desde ya muchas gracias.
    (Aquí le dejo el enlace de sus poemas en mi blog: http://emmagunst.blogspot.com.ar/search/label/diane%20wakoski)

  4. hernando says:

    Hi Diane,

    I am having dinner with my girlfriend, scorpio, and we got carried away looking upp fables and myths about scorpions and lions (me, leo) and we found your story on amazon which is no longer avaliable.

    Please tell me where we can find this now.

    Best wishes and happy new year!
    Hernando Lammers

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